Lazy Saturday..

Not a whole heck of a lot got done today..
Did not feel up to much this AM. A few “GI” problems I believe are related to the Metformin I am taking to help control my new friend Diabetes..Between that and my new diet…lost 17 lbs for far and am shooting to get to 200 lbs as I started at 240 plus..My blood sugars have been good and I have rediscovered by old energy levels and have put a lot of time an energy into a number projects the last two months. In fact the MBWITW likes to say that I have returned to my old perpetual motion self, never sit still and always finding something to do!!

New floors upstairs and down. We had the hardwood installed and we finished upstairs. The boys, MBWITW and I installed the laminate floor over 500 sq feet of it downstairs. Along with all of the baseboard, molding etc.

So yesterday I finally finished it and installed the last of the baseboard…looks really good!!

Click to embiggen!

Now I have to replace the baseboard and trim in kitchen and dining to match upstairs living room and for now done.
When we have a little extra cash wil do the upstairs bedrooms and although #2 son wants us to do his room soon he will have to wait.

But today, this morning, just not up to it as I believe the metformin was causing some GI issues and have noticed it a few times lately…Was supposd to go to GOP CD2 Convention as a delegate this morning…but..did not work..

So I stayed home and went at a desktop, SOny Vaio we have had setting around that somehow the original software disappeared. Had it once! Was working and then #1 Son managed to crash it and when I went to reinstall all the software was no where to be found.
I did try to install a copy of XP Pro I had. Installed but could not get online and had a few other glitches with it..
So today I downloaded Ubuntu’s latest version. I have fooled around with Linux in the past and liked it. Linux Mint on an old Compaq tablet I have, still, somewhere, earlier versions of Ubuntu, openSUSE. I found it was easy to use and work with and actually likes it better then Windows!! Price was a big factor!!
But the family had issues with it. To hard.
Would not play the games they wanted.
Well today I installed Ubuntu 10.10 on the Sony box. It found the internet, the printer. It works just great!!
So now where do I put the darn thing????

I also cut up all the old baseboard we pulled out and will use that in our firepit, put the battery charger on the Suburban, cleaned the garage a bit, got the bicycle down, tires filled lubed and took it for a quick spin.

So I did manage to do something today….Time for a Brandy I do believe!!!

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