Week 4 of my 8 weeks of heading to Camp Ripley is done and I am home until Monday when I head back again.
At least next week I am only scheduled to go up once as opposed to twice as the last 4 have been.
Due to an my fellow instructor having a medical issue.
I do enjoy working with the troopers and the LT and Sgt in charge of training all has been good. The new scenario style has went over well.
Although some of the old coots do not like any damn thing we do..
Oh well, 4 more weeks and spring session is over…and we can start planning fall’s classes.

So that will be nice to have only one trip up next week…I also have no teaching assignments after Tuesday so I may just take a couple of days off!!

The MBWITW is still battling this crud. Appears to have settled into an upper respiratory and she is being difficult about getting checked out as we are dealing with a multitude of medical bills.

The boyz seem to be getting over this crap. although #2 Son still has a touch of it.

Me? So far so good….

Supposed to rain tomorrow and Saturday. So not sure what I will do. Shortage of funds means no projects that require materials will get started.

Although I have been mulling a couple over that I can probably do with what I have on hand.

Have an offer to work part time teaching for Riverland college. am going to have a go at it as we need the extra ching and it may open some doors for me.
Closer, benefits look good and we could probably use a local MD and Clinic rather then driving all over the damn place as our current insurance requires!!

:start rant:
You want to fix my damn health care??
Then let me choose my own damn provider/insurer etc!
I can for my damn car!!
So why not for myself??
And quit tying my insurance to my damn employer!!
Stupidest fucking thing ever..
It is my health! Let me take care of it and get the damn government out of it!
Like Obama knows how to fix it!
NOT!!! What a damn joke he has been!
:end rant:

I could go off on gas prices but as long as Obama is in office and listening to the left wing eco nuts we are screwed…

Anyhow that is all for now…


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