Means the Right to leave without fear of being mugged, murdered, robbed or having the same happen to loved ones.

It means having the Freedom and the MEANS to protect yourself, loved ones and property from those whom would take it from you, illegally or otherwise.

It means the 2nd Amendment and the ability to meet any and all threats with equal or deadlier force.

What is happening to people in England, is what happens when you let Government and those that support and love big government take over.

Like the left and so called progressives and the anti rights, anti Constitution crowd are trying so hard to do in the United States.

Go here and read.
See the difference between those that can, will and have the means to properly defend what is rightfully theirs, as opposed to those whom have lost that right and are dependent on a Government that is unwilling or unable to provide the protection needed..A Government so throttled by fears of being accused of "racism". "intolerance" that it is unwilling to take the steps needed to those that pay for the Government to exist.
Not those that think they are entitled to what is not theirs.
But have been given so much and returned so little.

Think about it.
The next time you vote.

Vote for Freedom…

Or live like those in the formerly "Great" Britain are living today…

Molon Labe…

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