Not sure what to make of all this.

Or this! Or this or even this!! Oh and this one!!!

But I do have all those in my RSS and my “Google Reader”( I likes my Google Reader…stuffs me favs in their and can look see them at home, work, on my cell phone when stuck somewhere boring and my nifty little CRUZ eReader!!) Is nice to have Google Reader!!

I’ll have to look see on my blogroll..I am not real good at watching that…

But you mean some blog for attention and get paid for it? Well I guessed that paid part, but for attention and what, what else fame or some dang thing???

I scribble random thoughts of nothingness and rants, because I can.…Sometimes people even comment!!!

And sometimes they make comments I do not care they go away…

I rarely follow any of the lefty anti sites other then a quick once over and that dude BobS mentions, he has pooped popped in a couple of time and no I did not approve his comments and have sent him to the netherlands.

I do this for me myself and I and if even one other person enjoys visiting, fine, if not that is okay also..

I really do not care what people think of my little world here as it is for me and me alone…If you come in and take a dump in my wasted your time…

I follow many blogs, because I am a news junkee and I love discovering stuff I did not know about or something that piques my interest and off I go googling, binging etc.

I also follow politics and most of if not all of these folks are darn close to what I believe in.

I do my share of linking if I find something I like and feel needs to be “shared” because, well dammit, those linked above are much better then myself at really writing stuff…

So anyway enough of this mindless chatter, my back effing hurts and it is time for some relief, ice and sleep….






One thought on “Errr..Huh?”

  1. Kevin,

    To me this was a case of someone demanding respect and links — while not giving any.

    I find that type of behavior appalling.
    And while TTAG may have gotten a few more hits out of my post (i suspect that was his goal), I think TTAG lost more long term readers.

    The aspects I highlighted in my post really some it up for me but the last straw so to speak was Robert’s response.

    When I called him on the “the gun blogging community” he did change his post…but did not comment that it has been edited nor give a nod to me for bringing it to his attention.

    So he complains about not being linked to and then turns around and doesn’t link to me?

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