Cabela’s: Lee Pro 1000 Progressive Press.

Looking at a Progressive press, one I can afford for reloading .38/.357 since that is the popular round, besides .22 lr when the boyz and I hit the range.

So, since the MBWITW gave me a Cabela’s gift card for Christmas, have been poking around the innerweb this AM, besides feeling like dog-poo no desire to drive the 20 plus miles to Cabela’s today, is that sad or what??

I have a single stage Lee and that works fine, but can be a bit tedious and carelessness can set in after about 200 plus rounds have been done.

But since I would like to start reloading for the 9mm was thinking about upgrading and since Dillon is a bit spendy for me….

Am looking at what I can afford….and right now it may just be a set of dies, some brass and bullets to get going and build stock for the range up…

And I laughed at this comment…

Dont waist you time!!!!!!

September 7, 2011
Purchased this press 3 days ago, followed instructions to a tee, wont deprime casings, when it does deprime the new prime will not set, if the new prime does set the powder will not discharge into the casing, if powder does discharge for some odd reason bullet will not set right and will creaase your case! I have read up on this machine and had mixed feelings on buying it and will be returning this junk back to the store first thing in the morning! DONT WAIST YOUR TIME!
One wonders about comments as such…”# days” did this dude own or had he done any reloading before this purchase? Or did it not work right for him out of the box and as we all know today it seems people want it NOW and are so damn unwilling to work at or figure things out anymore…Am thinking he is a dweeb…

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