Nugent, Palin and the NRA….

I have been a member of the NRA off and on over the years…I am currently "off" and have not decided to renew….yet..I probably will but here are a couple of article’s that I found interesting and made me pause and start rethinking my decision.
The NRA is the largest group of Gun Owners.
But….Have they, are they, have they always been a "Good Old Boys Club"? Turning into the gun rights form of the GOP?
One wonders.

This from JPFO An Open Letter To Ted Nugent is an interesting read and points out a number of issues, areas I also think the NRA needs to address..Yes once again there will be those that have issues with the Nuge. But I ask them…what have you done to support, promote, advance our cause as he has?

Another tidbit is Sarah Palin and a speech she should give at the NRA and do I agree with it?
Oh, hell yeah!!!!

The anti gun freedom violence crowd does not try to negotiate nor accommodate, nor do they attempt to not offend anyone. Which seems to be the philosophy of most everyone on the Left, progressives, democrats etc…
They really do not care what we think or want and will do anything, manipulate, lie attack to get their way..

So lets step it up a bit…Show some gumption.
Quit trying to hold onto what we have and regain what we have lost in..
Rights and Freedoms…

H/T Here and here..

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