Anti-Gun Vigils Held in Mpls, Duluth

And what is an “anti” gun vigil going to do?

Please tell me?

A gun is a tool..

An inanimate object..

It is “used” to commit a crime, murder, assault..Control others.

Much like a club, a knife, a car, your fists, a rope…

It is also used to protect, provide, defend.

It is an inanimate object, pieces of metal, plastic, wood, brass, lead, copper and does only what you use it for..

Like you are being used, your protesting a tool..

Your being used by those just as clueless as you…

You are lemmings, unthinking, wanting to be unaccountable and depend on others.

I’ll keep my guns and use them as tools, to protect myself from those whom are lawless and out to take or harm me or mine, to keep my Freedom and Liberty…to provide for me and mine.

Because you sure as hell won’t!!!

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