Candles and Violence..

Have what to do with each other?
Well apparently those Anti Violence groups that want to disarm those that feel a need to protect themselves and their families and
NOT have to rely on others, (we that work in EMS realize how fast or not 911 works and know and accept the fact that you are responsible for yourself), should be disarmed and left helpless to by exploited by others.

These anti freedom groups felt the need to promote a “Light a Candle” day.

Well so did Weerd..
And others likewise felt a need to support the right to protect oneself and NOT be a victim, which goes against the Anti’s screed of being a victim is better then protecting oneself and ridding the world of scum.

As described here, one stopped violence from being done against him. Which of course is completely against the Anti’s screed.
And there any many today, whom have a candle lit and ae ready and willing to not be victims…
GunFreeZone..with some apt tales of folks and guns….
Or Linoge
Or Brigid…whom as usual, well go read it!!
And many more

So light a candle, against violence and make sure you can prevent violence, not be creating more victims, but by showing those that would bring harm that you will not be a victim and refuse to be one.

Will you?

“The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.” ~~ Ecclesiastes 10:2

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