So is SOPA Dead?

 Not Exactly – Forbes.

– The White House published an official opinion that indicated they would not support a bill like SOPA

–  The official vote on SOPA scheduled for late January has been cancelled, and the bill has been pulled from the floor.

For Now –

DING DONG, THE WITCH IS DEAD. For now, at least, the “ill-conceived lobbyist-driven piece of legislation” known as the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is no more:

SOPA Not Dead. –

SOPA is not dead. All reports of the Stop Online Piracy Act’s death have been greatly exaggerated.

Congressman Lamar Smith, the chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee, announced Tuesday that the bill will rise again.


It seems that the ‘danger’ has passed, after losing much of its momentum in the past few weeks, the White House has dealt a final blow to the much-maligned SOPA bill, by saying that it, which means President Barack Obama, will not support a bill that “reduces freedom of expression, increases cybersecurity risk or undermines the dynamic, innovative global Internet.”

SOPA Isn’t Dead Is Sleeping –

Oh, you thought SOPA was dead? That the riled rallying of the entire Internet, the blacking out of dozens of popular websites in protest, or the President himself coming out against the bill would be enough to kill it off?

Nope. It’ll be back — they’re just taking a little break.

Innovation Law Blog – Is SOPA Dead?

Following this, Majority Leader of the House Eric Cantor announced yesterday that a vote on SOPA would not be held until there was “consensus” on the issue, indefinitely postponing further hearings. Many pundits have claimed victory over the bill, which would have had significant impacts on tech companies and given federal authorities great control over the accessibility of websites on the internet. – Dead On Arrival.

While this bill of goods was being sold to the American public as a way to reduce online piracy originating on foreign shores, in essence the legislation would have made it possible for any organization (with the financial assets and access to attorneys to do so)  to target web sites (foreign or domestic) using excerpts, quotes, and videos without express permission of the authors or producers of such content. Furthermore, any web site linking to suspected copyrighted content would be guilty by association for fascilitating the infringement.

Be vigilant it appears. The attack(s) against Freedom will continue as soon as We, The Politicians and our deep pocket lobbyist owners can can figure out a way to bring this back and shove it down the People’s throats…

People, look at your elected government officials, are they doing the job(s) we elected them to do? Or have they forgotten who we are and what we are and will continue to trample all over us in the quest for power, fame and money?

Freedom. How bad do we want it and how hard will we fight to keep it?


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