Shotgun Confessions…

Mr. BorePatch 


Mr. Weerd

Have came out and stated their feelings on shotguns and their apparent lack of love for them.

Which is fine…and they bring forth their reasons and whys.


I was first “exposed” to a shotgun when I was a tender young man, like 8 or 9, my grandfather ( I grew up amongst hunters on both sides of the family, subsistence hunters some were, hell most were in Wadena County) took me out one day and gave me his old, don’t remember what, but it was big and heavy, pointed at a brush pile and said shoot it, I did…He picked me up, dusted me off and asked if I would shoot it again, I did…this time only landing on my butt and getting up myself.

I grew up hunting, .22s for small game, shotguns for pheasant, grouse, partridge. Rifles for deer and once almost for bear(it turned and went the other way!!!)

I have shot trap when I was younger and busted many a bird with both 12 and 20 gauge shotguns.

I hunt less now, mostly deer with both shotgun and rifle.

Shotguns work. They do what they are intended for and when.

But yes they do have a bit of recoil.

But if you have ever seen the magic some shooters perform with a shotgun and I have watched a few, or seen some of the 3 gun shooters…Wow..

Buckshot, slugs, game loads, trap loads…would not want to be on the receiving end of any of them…

That is my two cents worth on them…


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