Wisconsin Fraud…

How much is due to Milwaukee’s proximity to Chicago?

Signature checkers are on track to find between 100,000-200,000 invalid signatures on WI Recall petitions, out of approximately 1 million submitted.  It’s too little to stop the recall election being certified, but is a good indication of massive fraud.

Which recently made this list?

And appears to be reflected by the current pResident in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Is president Obama simply another Third World tyrant corrupting the government?   Where does he offer even a shred of honesty in speech or action?    Why is Senative Majority Leader the DEMOCRAT Harry Reid allow the U.S. Senate over which he presides to join the Obama dysfunctional government  by paralyzing the Senate of its responsibilities as if the body doesn’t exist?

Need more about our corrupt pResident? And Chicago?



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