Tragic, Just Tragic..Gun Control…Kills..

Tragic, They’ll just take your gun away and use it!!

Or they will shoot you through the windows…with guns they are not supposed to have because the Guv’mint makes them all illegal…

Or invade your home with..(see above)

And illegal guns along with pot, where it is illegal to have both!!

Or use shotguns and knives..which are …illegal in Britain(Formerly Great)

Bikes and Guns lead to robbery, well I am guessing the bikes were legal…We know guns are illegal there, in Britain(Formerly Great)..

So in case you have not “got it” yet…Gun control does not work. Well it does, it makes victims of those disarmed by their Government, which cannot protect nor keep the bad guy, with guns, away from you..

And the Brady Bunch wants to disarm us, in America. As does Obama and Hillary thier gang of oppressive thugs..

Light a candle, to shed some light, to better your aim…

H/T Sean @ An NC Gun Blog…


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