But of course!! Obama is one blameless, a$$o!!!

Originally posted on America's Watchtower:

  Using the first anniversary of the killing of Osama bin Laden as a means to show his leadership skills Barack Obama has literally traveled across the globe to let everyone who would listen know how courageous he was for making the call to kill the terrorist leader. He has not been bashful when it comes to taking credit–I ordered the attack, I acted on the intelligence, I made the tough call, I did this, I did that–but a true leader is defined by how he handles failure.

  Barack Obama doesn’t handle failure very well, hell he has blamed everything from George W Bush to earthquakes to ATM machines for his failed economic policies, but he hasn’t accepted blame for his failure on this issue–in fact he joked about shovel ready jobs nor be as shovel ready as he had expected.

  So it should come as no surprise that while Barack…

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