Zombie’s and Scopolamine.

Scopolamine Is not a “new” drug..

Has been with us for a while.

Scopolamine, also known as levo-duboisine, and hyoscine, is a tropane alkaloid drug with muscarinic antagonist effects. It is among the secondary metabolites of plants from Solanaceae (nightshade) family of plants, such as henbane, jimson weed and Angel’s Trumpets (Datura or Brugmansia), and corkwood (Duboisia).[2][3] Although scopolamine is sometimes portrayed in the media as a dangerous drug, its anticholinergic properties give it some legitimate medical applications in very minute doses. An example is the treatment of motion sickness by use of a transdermal patch.[4]

Has some good uses…


Scopolamine has been used in the past to treat addiction to drugs such as heroin and cocaine. The patient was given frequent doses of scopolamine until they were delirious. This treatment was maintained for 2 to 3 days after which they were treated with pilocarpine. After recovering from this they were said to have lost the acute craving to the drug to which they were addicted.[9]

Other medical uses


And as with many drugs can be misused and dangerous.

While it is occasionally used recreationally for its hallucinogenic properties, the experiences are often extremely mentally and physically unpleasant, and frequently physically dangerous; so repeated use is rare.[17]

But it does amaze me what people will do to themselves and others…

One would think from the article here, that this was a new and bad drug just discovered..






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