White is a color…As is round a shape and idiocy quite common amongst leftists…Just saying..

Originally posted on America's Watchtower:

  Elizabeth Warren has admitted to listing herself as a Native-American minority in law school directories in order to–she claims–meet other people who were like her while stating she had no idea Harvard Law was using her hiring as an example of the university’s racial and gender diversity. She has gone so far as to claim she had no idea where the school got the notion she was a minority when the Harvard Journal published an article entitled “Women of Color in Legal Academia: A Biographic and Bibliographic Guide.”

  It turns out that this might not be entirely true because the Harvard Journal most likely got this information from Elizabeth Warren herself. There is little doubt that the university initially got the information from the law directories, but that wasn’t enough proof for the Harvard Journal when it was researching the above mentioned article so they sought additional information from…

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