New bumper stickers for President Obama

LOL!!!! Now these are funny!!


Here are just a few suggestions for Obama Campaign slogans to help everyone understand who he is and why we must reelect him. Providing them is the least I can do and he needs all the help we can give. Suggest more, please. Give until it hurts.

Vegans for Obama.
There’s no Meat There!

Unemployment Pays.
Vote Obama!

Michelle Vacations for Us so We don’t have to.
Vote Obama!

Obama Creates Jobs in China So We Won’t Have to Work.
Vote Obama!

It’s too Hard to Think.
Just Vote Obama!

Forget the Dream — Nightmares are Better.
Vote Obama!

Spread the Misery.
Vote Obama!

Get a Grope Grip.
Vote Obama!

We Don’t Need the Military.
Obama Killed Osama!

Celebrities for Obama.
He’s One Hell of an Actor!

Jealousy is Virtuous.
Vote Obama!

He’s Cotton Candy for the Mind.
Vote Obama!

Big Government Knows Best.
Vote Obama!

Sign The Declaration of…

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