Say What You Want About Dubya..

He still has done more good then the current pResident..

Especially in the current pResidents’s ancestral Homeland…Africa

George Bush is a great man,” she answered. “He tried to help poor countries like Zambia when we were really hurting from AIDS. He empowered us, especially women, when the number of people dying was frightening. Now we are able to live.”

You did hear somewhere Moochelle took a vacation there. One of her many.

But one wonders what they say about Obama over there..that compares to Bush?

“No American president has done more for Africa,” said Festus Mogae, who served as president of Botswana from 1998 to 2008. “It’s not only me saying that. All of my colleagues agree.”

Obama? Well you cannot really count what he has done for Egypt, Libya, Tunisia. Since that was mostly bloodshed and turmoil, leading to the rise of Islamist s…Or his sending MORE troops over there..


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