Where Will You Run?

When they come for your Freedom?

If you do NOT stand and shout out “ENOUGH ALREADY” today…

It never occurs to these “freedom loving” Americans that freedom can’t exist when you are no longer free to say no to being forced to hand over your rightful property to other people to whom you properly speaking owe nothing – other than goodwill. That if “the children” becomes a justification for theft, then any other reason is just as good a reason.

But don’t dare say it out loud…. these freedom-loving Americans will very quickly show you just how much they actually believe in freedom… including even the freedom to speak your mind, if your mind differs in any meaningful respect from  the parameters of orthodoxical Republican or Democrat parameters.

Mob rule is coming, the incessant whine of those whom want, from those whom do not produce, from those whom steal what they want. Be those individuals or those we elect.

Marxism and socialism sounds so easy when you listen to today’s politicians.

They promise everything, but fail to tell you how everything will be supplied, whom will supply it.

So when they come for your ‘stuff’, your Freedom, for what you have worked so hard for…

Where will you run?

Molon Labe I say. Life is not worth living without Freedom..

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