Gun Control and Police Protection lead to….

“So all I can say is that if they need any help from the council or from police – that will be provided.”

Death for those disarmed by lawmakers whom know best for their constituents!

After the fact help!!

More gun control in Merry Olde England..

Police were called to Praetorian Court in St Albans on Tuesday after reports a man had been wounded by a gun.

Damn it is working well over there!!

But they, ‘the Guv’mint’ control teh gunz??  How can this be true?

He said the raids had also revealed that the gang had access to firearms and a variety of other weapons.

And on the other side of the world, in Merry Olde England’s penal colony of Australia, where they have followed their former landlords lead and disarmed the citizen’s…We have more ‘fruits’ of gun control..

Two young women have been terrorised during a home invasion in Nedland’s last night with one intruder claiming he had a gun.

But back to Merry Olde England…3 vs 1 is always good odds and toss in an ‘imitation’ gun and see what happens to those not allowed to defend themselves..

Three Gwynedd men have been given long jail terms for an armed robbery at a property in Bangor.

Sickening, just effing sickening what the progressive nanny state folks want to do to us…


In America…


Μολὼν λαβέ

I have bullets to give you rodrammed gun grabbers..And I am getting pissed off enough to do so when you try..

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