Way back when my Dad was young..

1950 – North Korea started the Korean War when they invaded South Korea.  That particular war is still on-going, since a formal peace treaty has never been signed.

He was there..And fought many a battle, was promoted to Sgt after he fought on Bloody Ridge and held a machine gun position through the night. He led a squad after that and it was interesting hearing the tales he told myself and youngest.

He has the combat infantry badge with a couple of stars on it, plus a chest full of colored ribbons and one other fancy looking medal I cannot remember what for and he was never one to talk about Korea until these last 10 years or so when we have been out deer hunting…He always told us when he was young he never killed anyone in the war…His brothers and my Godfather say different..

He will be 81 this September….Hopefully we will hunt again this fall…

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