Exercise your CCW Rights

On July 4th and Every day!

I know I do.

But on July 4th? Maybe some open carry, just becasue I can in Minnesota…and maybe it is time to start showing it…SO the morons know..I am tired of them…really tired of them interfering, dictating and telling how I should live and what I should do..

If they have a problem, I ave a smile for them..a “KMA” for them…

And to tell Obama to shove it…

One thought on “Exercise your CCW Rights

  1. PatriotUSA June 29, 2012 / 7:41 pm

    Yeah, absolutely and in POOregon, where I am (thankfully on the EAST side of the Cascades), I wish we could do that just to let these brainwashed doddrads know that those of us who are CCW just want to left alone. Damn flatlanders are spilling over the Cascades ruining everything and trying to make this side like the west, a huge berserkley of north

    BTW, to hell with and f–k Obama, liberals, statists, progressives and leave my weapons alone.

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