Duck Populations Hit All-Time Record

Duck Populations Hit All-Time Record.

And why is this?

Is it becasue of anti’s and tree hugging PETA a$$hats?

No. They contribute nothing to this..

It is sportsmen, hunters, those whom buy guns, ammo, equipment, licenses, duck stamps and belong to organizations promoting ethical hunting, habitat and recovery efforts..

All those geese and ducks you see are the result of tham.

No the gun grabbing PETA loving idiots.

They promote or contribute nothing..They squeal and scream about the evil guns, shooting poor innocent ducks and geese, they would be the same ones screeching if the ducks and geese crapped where they stepped in it..

It is the license fees, excise taxes etc.

So go hunting, buy a license, join a group which actually promotes and protects breeding grounds and sanctuary’s.


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