LEO Fail….

Knocked on the wrong door and in doing so..
Murdered a man, an innocent man..

Lake County Sheriff’s Office deputies shot and killed a man they assumed was an attempted murder suspect on Sunday, but they now know they shot the wrong man.

In the early morning hours they knock on his door, early morning…What would anyone do if someone is pounding on your door and you have no reason to expect it to be LEOs??
You use caution!! As any sane responsible adult would/should do!!

They did not:

Officials said the deputies did not identify themselves because of safety reasons.

Well now that worked out well didn’t it? You pound on a private citizens door and he is cautious and concerned about his safety…becasue we all know how well LEOs are there to always "Protect" and Serve!!!
So you shoot him..

Remember now the anti freedom/gun/violence crowd think only ‘trained’ LEOs should be allowed to have guns…
That works well doesn’t it?

"The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left." ~~ Ecclesiastes 10:2

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