Leftists Reset Their Sights

On the Second Amendment..

“The ultimate authority … resides in the people alone. … The advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation … forms a barrier against the enterprises of ambition.” –James Madison (Federalist No. 46)

2012-07-26-alexander-1The Palladium of Liberties

In the wake of the tragic mass murder in Aurora, Colorado, last week, three groups weighed in on the “gun problem.”

Predictably, the first two groups were Obama and his Leftist cadres, including his Leftmedia sycophants, who never “let a crisis go to waste” to advance their political agenda.

In what amounts to a major policy shift for Obama, he has made a political calculation that proposing new “gun control” measures will be a winning issue this fall. For the last two decades, gun control has been a losing proposition for Democrats, but in a desperate measure to create campaign traction, the King of Hubris has decided he can turn that around. Make no mistake, this may be a policy shift but Obama has a long history of Second Amendment opposition.

Obama was banking on the Supreme Court overturning his socialized medical care agenda so ObamaCare could be the centerpiece of his campaign, but Chief Justice John Roberts disabled that strategy.

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