Lots of truth here…Lots.. Obama wants a lot of us gone.


Team Obama likes to provide entertainment
so let’s join in the fun.

Everyone in the United States who is not comatose knows by now of the Super Obama PAC (SOP) Priorities USA Action campaign advertisement claiming that Bain Capital shut down a steel plant and that one woman died of cancer. Both indeed happened. Not only that, but many other women, men, and even children also died of cancer. Why have they gone so easy on Governor Romney? Are they chickens, preparing to be served at Chick-Fil-A?

The head of the SOP defended the ad.

“What fact in that ad is wrong?” Burton said as he pushed back on a fairly feisty Wolf Blitzer during an interview on the CNN set.

“You’re saying there’s an impression,” Burton said, as Blitzer said the ad implies Mitt Romney had a connection to the death of the man in the ad…

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