Is why I carry and always will. If our government outlaws it. I will be an outlaw!

America's Watchtower

  Have you wondered what King Samir Shabazz has been up to since Eric Holder and the Department of Injustice decided against pursuing charges against him for voter intimidation in 2008?

 If you have, the answer can be found here. I cannot post the audio here, but please follow the link and listen to what King Samir Shabazz had to say on an internet radio broadcast.

  King Samir Shabazz is now a leader in the New Black Panthers and in this video he advocates creating a military to be used to kill crackers and skin them alive. He talks about planting bombs in nurseries in order to kill “all that is white in sight,” and he seems to think it would be justice for black people to kill white babies. 

  Eric Holder has already let this man walk free when he was caught on video intimidating white voters in…

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