Another Shooting…

A weekly occurrence it seems.
The timing of these shootings seems to be able to take the attention away from Obama/Biden and their bullshit campaign.
This time in another gun free zone, New York City. Dictator-in-Nanny Bloomberg’s city.
So again defenseless law abiding citizens fall victim to an unknown at this time. But I bet another interesting tale will follow and the screaming for the ‘more gun control‘ will be wuite loud..
Ignoring the fact that Bloomberg has disarmed the innocents..
Leaving them a the mercy of the shooter.. unprotected..

Being New York and the self important meglomaniac Bloomberg’s city, is spread all over the news…

But what about this? 19 shot in Chicago? Another Gun Free Zone..

Does the media not recognize this fact? Or what?

This weekend I will be here, with my Boyz and a few thousand like minded folks..
And finding ONE that supports the a$$O Obama will be tough..
And if someone were to go New York or Chicago?
You can bet that would last all of a millisecond!!

They want our guns. They want us disarmed and servile…
If you do NOT believe that…Your dumber then the dirt under your feet…


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