Executive Order 13603

Through Executive Order 13603 Obama gave himself the power to control all vital aspects of our beloved nation.

The more the Tea Party Research team digs, the more we discover about the execution of Obama’s America-killing plan as it unfolds—and it is HORRIBLE. Beyond the worst you can imagine.

Take a look at some of the sinister and menacing forces that will be put into motion. They are weapons of mass destruction!

Seizing of all forms of civil transportation

Do you realize what this means? Obama specially wrote “civil” NOT “public” transportation. In the name of a national emergency (which Obama has yet to define which, in turn, means he can define it any way he wants) he can grab ALL forms of transportation civilians use, including:

  • Automobiles, trucks and delivery vehicles
  • Boats and ships
  • Your cars, your children’s cars and even grandma’s car
  • City buses
  • Trains
  • Airplanes
  • Motorcycles
  • Bicycles
  • Scooters, skateboards and wagons
  • Horse and buggies
  • Snowmobiles
  • Tractors (Yes, some people drive to town on tractors)

A secret plan went into action right under our noses a few months ago—the very plan the Blame Stream Media deliberately hid from the American people.

Obama forgot to tell you that he can grab ALL FORMS OF CIVIL TRANSPORTATION, didn’t he? How convenient to keep the good citizens of America in the dark.

But it doesn’t stop there.

While other groups are asleep at the wheel and playing politics your Tea Party has been at work exposing the rat in the White House.

Obama doesn’t stop at just grabbing transportation but will grab the food out of your mouth. He will also grab”

All commodities and products capable of being ingested by either human beings or animals. In other words all food products, growing, picked and in store, including:

  • Farm crops
  • Inventory in grocery stores
  • Grandmas garden vegetables
  • Your canned goods
  • Dog food and livestock feed
  • Survival food cache
  • Fish from fish farms
  • Fruit from orchards

The lame stream media not only turned a blind eye to Obama’s evil deeds but has refused to comment on the Obama grab when presented with the facts! The Main Blame media is NOT your friend.

Ready for more?

Health resources, which include, but are not limited to: drugs, biological products, medical devices, materials, facilities, health supplies, services and equipment. This includes:

  • Hospitals
  • Vitamin stores
  • Wheel chair suppliers
  • Oxygen providers
  • Drug stores
  • First Aid supplies
  • Red Cross
  • Medical insurance companies

And the savage takeover of America doesn’t end there. Obama gives the power to government to take over…

All forms of energy:

  • Solar energy farms
  • Wind turbine projects
  • Niagara Falls electric plant
  • Your home generator
  • Hydro-electric dams
  • City power plants

All usable water from all sources:

Yep, COMPLETE GOVERNMENT CONTROL OF IT ALL!!!! If this does not frighten you out of your wits, I don’t know what will.

Μολὼν λαβέ


17 thoughts on “Executive Order 13603”

    1. David, after reading E.O. 13603, the above analysis by Μολὼν λαβέ seems to be exaggerated beyond even a worst case scenario. Obviously, for purposes of national defense, the military could seize gasoline stored at a civilian distribution facility. To put out a forest fire, forest rangers and the Dept. of Wildlife could divert water which farmers need for irrigation. In the event of a nuclear attack, FEMA and civilian agencies acting under its direction could commandeer medical supplies on an emergency requisition. After a tornado, FEMA COULD require nearby motel owners to temporarily provide shelter to those who lost their homes – but FEMA doesn’t do that.

      E.O. 13603 is authorization for federal agencies to act in defense of the nation during a state of emergency. IMHO, it does not legitimize seizing, looting, and pillaging of civilians, private businesses, bank accounts, or radio and TV stations, except for situations such as those I described.

      Of course, if the devil takes the helm, one should expect him to twist any rules and regulations on the books in order to run the ship of state onto the rocks. A totally toxic, rogue “government”, such as exists in Somalia, Zimbabwe, or even parts of Latin America, will devour the substance of its subjects, with or without legal authorizations on the books.

  1. Liberal bullshit or tea party propaganda you should alll be scared as hell. Where there is smoke there is fire and the policies of the past few administrations seems to be geared toward taking our freedoms. Another example would be the patriot act

  2. Looks like somebody ‘on the hill’ fears there will be a major upheaval….war. Israel is chest-thumping and saber-rattling against Iran. None of the things in that order are unusual if their is a high threat of war. FDR did virtually the same thing in WWII. There was rationing and everything. Even now, if the police or FBI or whoever suddenly find themselves needing a vehicle, they can stop any civilian and take it. That power existed before this order. To me, this is a heads up that security agencies feel there is adequate reason to put in place some things as precautions. Do Not Panic.

  3. AHH FOR THE SWEET SWEET DAYS LONG GONE OF THE ANNONYMOUS AMERICAN WEST…no politicians within miles…how sweet it must have been…..

  4. They been planning this for years. Grrrr; I don’t want to loose my car again. 😦 They have taken it way to many times; this time I filed $250,000 a lawsuit for them. I’m going to get my stuff back.

    1. Ok I can understand what everyone saying and seeing this from all different viewpoints but let me enlighten y’all about something that might make u think twice. If such laws were in place from before then why have to do another order in the first place? They needed the extra power to be there. Fine print and misunderstanding something that looks like it ok just because of big words is the common praise for these orders. Barrack Obama has signed 140 executive orders in his 4 yr term. George bush signed 62 all of which were adopted by Obama and all the other presidents dating at least back to Hoover has only signed 1 to 15 durin their terms. 62? 140? That’s extreme. Some r good some not so good but this one is horrible. It leaves room open for a really bad person to take COMPLETE control of everything this nation has built. Which a lot of that is now gone anyways but this is to take wat we have left. Whether it was signed out of good intentions or bad or medial it is still a horrible order.

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