Spend and Spend Some More…@Dbly

David Bly former Representative to Minnesota State House is seeking re-election. He is a DFL (Democrat/Farmer/Labor) which in Minnesota equates to a socialist.
He promoted MinnesotaCare, Minnesota’s Obamacare before Obama was even elected!!

He was elected in 2007 and the State had a 1.13 BILLION dollar surplus. When he left in 2010, the State had a DEFICIT of 6 Billion dollar deficit.
In the 2010 Special Session Mr. Bly voted to borrow 1.9 BILLION from our Schools Budget to balance the State Budget.
In 2008 (HF2800) Mr. Bly voted to INCREASE Gas, Sales and Vehicle Registration Taxes, during a recession!!
In 2009 Mr. Bly voted for tax increases of more then 1 BILLION dollars in tax increases on Income, Music Downloads, and end some home mortgage deductions.
And in his last year in office Mr.Bly voted not once but TWICE to allow School Boards to raise Porperty Tax Levies WITHOUT a vote by the TAXPAYER…(HF3833 and HF2072)

And he claims to be for the “people”..
I don’t see it as all those above taxes etc hurt the TAXPAYER at least the 53% of us whom pay them!!!

So lets keep 2010 as his LAST year in office and let him stay RETIRED before he robs the taxpayer more!!


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