I be one…and if we lose…?? Molon Labe…

Originally posted on Twitchy:

The bad news: Every recent poll shows President Barack Obama either tied or ahead of GOP rival Mitt Romney in WisconsinNevada and bailout-friendly Ohio and Michigan. We aren’t counting Romney out in any of those states, but there is a real possibility he could lose them all. (Update: A poll released this morning shows Romney ahead by 1 in Michigan.)

The good news: Romney doesn’t need to win any of those four states if he can win Pennsylvania, where his prospects look good indeed. Consider the three most recent polls there:

poll by Franklin & Marshall College, released October 31, has President Obama ahead of Romney among likely voters by 4 points, 49-45, with an absurd D+13 sample. By comparison, turnout was just D+7 in 2008, when Obama-mania was at its peak. The Franklin & Marshall poll shows Romney winning Independents by a whopping 16 points.

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