There is little to be gained from this election’s continued vivisection; the left’s polls were pretty damned accurate… the U.S. electorate has changed far more than Real America thought and much more quickly.

What we assumed to be over-optimistic left-wing sampling of polls was largely on target. Simply, there are more dimocrats in the electorate now as a result of Obama’s presidency.

We are out-numbered and surrounded by citizens with no love of country, no patriotism and an overwhelming narcissistic bent that mimics their leader. If there ever was a time for a myopic, ego-maniacal, fiscally illiterate, non-vetted, bitter and angry leader intent on nothing more than his self-aggrandizement…. it is now.

Legions of fat, lazy, uncaring, let-George-do-it idiots who spend their time watching Dancing With the Stars and expect a currency-printing, leviathan, federal government to shelter, feed, doctor  and protect them while they do not work… hell, they don’t lift a…

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