Is Time..

For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?

1 Corinthians 14:8

We stood up and said enough..It is..
We quit cowering and pretending…
Stop claiming it and started shouting it..
Stop playing at it and live it..

Stand on it and mean it…

Our faith, we cower and hide, pretending we are accomplishing something…
Yet we get squashed at every turn..We get stifled, shut down and told to be quiet..
And we do it..
The enemy is all around us and winning and playing by rules we refuse to play by.
Isn’t it time to stand up and say ENOUGH!!
To shout out the we are Christians we believe in Jesus our Lord and Savior. That the Bible is our guide, our Book, or Connection..
That belief in it is mandatory and necessary for a relationship with God!! It is our link!!

That picking choosing deciding we do not like this or that about it is FAIL!! And the sign of a hypocrite!!

So is time…Before we lose it all and the persecution escalates and we are forced to hide even more..
Forced to not SHARE our beliefs…

IS time to stand and be counted before there is nothing left to stand on or for!!

Is time for True Believers and Followers to say..

We have Rights and the Right to exercise them as guaranteed by our Constitution..
We have no where to run, unlike our ancestors whom came here to escape persecution and build a new life..
Our stand is here, our country is here…

So either fight for it and quit cowering.
Or give it up…
As we are doing now.


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