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  • I agree with Teddy Roosevelt – I hate the trend to being hyphenated Americans.  I’m not a Norwegian-American, or Irish-American, or German-American.  I’m not even a European-American.  I’m an American, who happens to be of Northern European descent.  I don’t think of some of  my friends and colleagues as being African-American.  They are Americans, most of whom have ancestors who had something absolutely horrific done to them.  I want to point out that we’ve been working toward righting that wrong for at least the past 150 years, sometimes in fits and starts, and sometimes with mixed results, but we’ve been putting in the effort and we are showing progress.  Oh, and I’m not caucasian.  I’ve met people from the Caucasus, and they don’t look like me
  • If you pay income taxes and believe that you and the rest of us who have a job and pay income taxes should pay more, here’s an idea…

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