Hamilton, Lincoln and the Road to the American Empire


Had Hitler and Nazi Germany won WWII do you think that history books written by Joseph Goebbels would portray Hitler in a different light than a books written Winston Churchill? If the South had won the Civil War would Abraham Lincoln’s face adorn Mount Rushmore?

Ever since the beginning of recorded history there have been rich and powerful groups and individuals that have sought to own and control all of the world’s resources. After thousands of years of domination by these evil forces, the American colonists embarked on a journey that would lead to the recognition that men were endowed with certain unalienable rights and that government were instituted among men deriving their just power from the consent of the governed.

During the framing of the Constitution, there were men that were opposed to the principles outlined in the Declaration of Independence and sought to create an American Empire.

This cabal was led none other than Alexander Hamilton. He knew that after fighting an 8 year war for independence, the people would not allow his agenda to be implemented. He understood that his plan could only achieved in stages. First it would be necessary to establish a strong central government. The states would need to ratify a Constitution that over time would allow for his plan to take root.

His "American Plan" called for a economy based on Mercantilism He believed that the ruling elite would need to make the decisions for the masses that were not capable of governing themselves. He believed in standing armies to facilitate the collection of taxes and that a large national debt was a good thing. He believed that a National Bank owned and operated by British Bankers was necessary.

Some of Hamilton’s cronies included George Washington and John Marshall and men that identified with the Federalist Party. In late years men such as Henry Clay, Daniel Webster and Abraham Lincoln became his disciples. President Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson Wilson and FDR were also members of his political fraternity.

Mercantilism is a political/economic system where governments and corporations form strategic alliances to micro manage the lives of the people. Fascism is a form of mercantilism that implemented in Italy under Benito Mussolini.

While the intent of the Constitution was to prevent the government from abusing the rights of the people, Hamilton knew that unless the central government could have jurisdiction over the states and the people his dream for an American Empire could not materialize.

In order to get the people to surrender their sovereignty he needed a crisis. In 1860 Hamilton’s agent Abraham Lincoln was elected president and the stage was set tor the transformation of America. Before the Civil war the people and the states were the masters and the Federal government was the servant. After the war the government became supreme and the states and the people became subjects of the Federal government.

It has been said that Lincoln saved the Union. It is more accurate to say that he transformed the Union. In the process he trashed the Constitution and converted our Republic into a Democracy.

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