UN Small Arms Treaty Means Big Changes for our Constitution

UN Small Arms Treaty Means Big Changes for our Constitution.

The United Nations a pointless corrupt organization filled with greedy little tinpot dictators whom screw their own people and are trying to steal from the US Taxpayer..

They need to go away..

As does Obama..



One thought on “UN Small Arms Treaty Means Big Changes for our Constitution”

  1. The possiblity of this Treaty changing our Constitution will only be possible if we the people let it happen. We will have to vote in a President that would sign the Treaty, vote in a Senate that would or wouldn’t ratify the Treaty, vote in to all the positions, that would make it possible to make all the changes concerning the Treaty. This will not take the majority of the votes, only 51 to 49 percent of the votes. Those that vote the people into office will make the changes. They will know what side they are on. The line that is drawn in the sand will be very clear, and they will get on the side that they choose of there own free will and choice.
    The 51 percent will be responsible for the change. This is the way it works in this free nation. Now you 51 percent, are you ready for the responsiblity of your actions. Don’t say you did not know. You should know what you have voted for before you voted. You watched for four years. You are the educated and will learned. And most of all, you are the ones that lead the rest in by your own voice and action.

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