What is an ‘illegal gun’

 and what should be done about them?

What makes them ‘illegal’?

We are talking about a ‘tool’ here folks, an inanimate object (you do know what ‘inanimate’ is don’t you?)

How can such a ‘thing’ be illegal?

Are cars illegal? They must ’cause’ people to drive ‘drunk’, ‘speed’, ‘run stop signs’, do ‘drive by’ shootings, etc.

Are bats, knives, clubs, hammers, etc illegal?

They must cause stabbings, beatings, etc?

How about ‘politicians” they pass laws and regulations that cause people to break, violate and ignore their stupidity. So shouldn’t ‘they, the politicians’ be illegal?

How about Government itself? Regulatory Boards with ‘appointed’ officials that pass rules, regulations and impose ‘fees’ on the public that we may ‘ignore’ therefore breaking them..

So these officials must be ‘illegal’ also..

Becasue it is quite apparent that ‘people’ in and of them selves would NEVER do anything ‘illegal’?

At least according the the ‘illegal’ guns mantra the efftards are claiming!!

One thought on “What is an ‘illegal gun’

  1. Bob S. November 29, 2012 / 10:22 am

    They need to focus on the inanimate object so they can justify banning/restricting them.

    As long as the gun is ‘illegal’ they don’t have to face such questions as “How do you stop a person from doing an illegal act?”

    The other aspect of it boils down to they don’t want to talk about people. Take a firearm, give it to an gun control advocate and ask if (s)he would kill/rape/rob someone with it. Of course they will say no.
    Then ask what makes them think You or I would — you’ll be met with silence.

    They have to focus on the inanimate object to avoid such discussions at all cost.

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