Yes. But only those of us that pay attention and ignore the idiots on the left will.

America's Watchtower

 Did you know there was a possible terrorist attack at a Social Security office in Arizona over the weekend and an Iraqi refugee named Abdullatif Aldosary is being held by the FBI on terrorism charges for exploding an IED shortly before the agency opened for business?

  If you are like me you probably didn’t because it has received very little coverage in the mainstream media and although the man’s name was known neither CNN nor Reuters thought it was important enough to tell the American people the name of the suspect. I wonder why? Not! And to the surpriseof nobody the Huffington Post speculated that this attack might have been carried out by a right wing zealot even while admitting they had no proof:

Assuming this is a bombing, and that the bombing was conducted by a right wing zealot opposed to big government (neither of which we know for sure)…

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