MBWITW had a crappy day, was upset with eldest son and I think missing her Mom whom passed in 2009. Christmas is a big celebration of family and the birth of our Savior in her family.
She has struggled each Christmas since and this year part of the family wants to change the get together from Christmas Eve to a ‘Saturday!!!??’

So we went off the the Mall, her and I and had a splendid time, bought some gifts for the Boyz and each other, but had fun…

Last stop was at Fleet Farm…really the only place I need to go for everything a guy could want or need.
Wandered back to the ‘gun counter’.
Have never seen it that busy!! Nor the gun cases that empty, rifles, pistols, etc.
And busy!!
5 sales folks behind counter.
3 or 4 filling out background checks…
One dude buying a Sig, another a Henry, another one, another Henry..
More waiting, more looking..
Chatted with a couple and the buy quick, buy now, buy what was available was quite evident.
Ammo was available, but plenty of empty slots..



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