Oh please! Stop!! Bonehead ousted?? That would be nice, along with every other damn RINO there…

America's Watchtower

 It appears as if the movement to unseat John Boehner as Speaker of the House is beginning to gain some momentum. Many of us have been unhappy with John Boehner for quite some time and have been hoping he would be replaced when the new Congress convened in January, but that didn’t appear likely despite his failed leadership and his being totally outmaneuvered by the Democrats for two years.

  But then John Boehner finally flexed his muscles–unfortunately it was against fiscally conservative Republicans and not Democrats, showing that he really isn’t serious about solving the debt crisis–when he removed four Republicans from committee positions for failing to vote with the political class, establishment Republicans, and threatened to punish more if they didn’t fall in line and the movement against John Boehner began to grow.


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