Today the MBWITW took off to finish some shopping and pick up a few groceries(I am done leaving the house!! Everytime I do it costs me!!)Anyhow one of the first places we stopped was the smole shop as the eldest had requested a new Zippo and I needed a few cigars..As we were picking out said Zippo and walking towards counter a man asked if that was our car with this on it…


I looked at him, sizing him up as this is SumTown and well lets say they are way, way left of center here.

I said yes and he broke into a big grin, stuck his hand out and proclaimed that I was his HERO!!
Promptly asking where I got it.

Told him Amazon and asked if he had seen the ‘other’ decal?

The Big Gun Family one…He said no but would be checking it out!!

He thanked me and headed out to take a look…

Heh…That was funny…




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