Gun Stuff….

As BobS points out here, we seem to have violence and whatnot occurring amongst people attempting to buy ‘sneakers’ yes, as we called them ‘tennis shoes‘ back in the day.  Violence amongst the so – called ‘progressive’ crowd it appears, yet amongst those ‘violent gun buying’ people….we hear no reports of violence. Why is that? Who is the ‘violent’ culture here?

The latest rage, gun buybacks, my question is. Did those bringing these guns to the buy backs acquire them legally? Or?…Just wondering…BTW I won’t be involved in this…SO don’t ask.

Need to get the blood flowing and heart pumping this morning? Go read this, @ Washington Post….5 myths on Gun Control….okay then…

Okay not about ‘guns’ but Micheal Moore, and the term ‘thinks‘ in the same sentence…..

Bowling, balls, pickle jars, corkscrews, spatulas, chainsaws, swords, machetes, nives, screwdrivers, HAMMERS! and ukeleles!! Oh please stop the madness and violence!! Ban all of them as they all KILL!!!!

Okay, not really ‘gun stuff’ but worthy of note to me. Israeli Premier does not care what United Nations says. I agree with him!! The UN is a pointless organization run by zealots, despots, terrorists, tinpot dictators and thugs wanting a piece of everyone whom has been successfuls pie because they effed up their own piece!!!

Guns, Mental Health and our Children…Go over and read it.

Now you remember the movie Elf? (I try to forget it) the snowball fight scene? Well if you do not have those elite elven snowball fighting skills, may this would help!!! A repeating snowball firing gun!! Oh the horrors!!!


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