Gun Stuff…

Is Christmas Eve, Buck Ofama are in Hawaii celebrating what?

The anti Freedom gun grabbers are still clamoring mindlessly about inanimate objects that seem to do terrible things all on their own..

But it is Christmas Eve and this morning we are off to visit a friend injured in a bad car accident last Friday…

So a few links about…Guns and Stuff..

200 dead including children oh the horr…Oh, wait, that is in Syria. Never you mind…

Petition to deport Piers Morgan continues to grow…back to England for you assO!!!!

They best be cautious...about anymore restrictions or bans on our 2nd Amendment Rights..

And the leftist controlled CNN continues to show its complete lack of knowledge on well, most anything, but particularly the 2nd Amendment and gun rights the rights that keep us free…Can we send them with Morgan when he gets his ass booted?

Thats right!! Just say NO…Make it HELL NO!!!

More no!!!! From a RINO!!!

Now the Military gets new guns, real Assault weapons, which WE as citizens are not allowed to buy! But which the gun grabbers and progressives cannot understand…

And coming to a SHOT Show near you…..New guns!!

Damn. I am glad I do not live in New York and I am thinking someone is going to pay before the lawyers finish..Ever hear of PRIVACY!!!

Why does anyone NEED an assault rifle? Well for one thing I cannot BUY an ASSAULT rifle….At least not without jumping through many hoops and paying lots of money, money I do not have as I am busy funding Buck Ofama’s entitlement programs..I can buy a weapon somewhat similar, but in semi auto only. But back to need? To keep the government trolls and gun grabbers away from my hunting, target shooting weapons…And more enjoyably, to piss the anti freedom crowd off by just having and eveel black rifle!!

Merry Christmas….


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