Gun Stuff…and Stuff…

Is Christmas, but since the Left does not believe in it, what will they do with themselves today? Why I bet continue to attack those of us whom believe in God, Family, Freedom and Country!!
Because they do not believe in God, yet bow to the Muslims and their murderous pedophile of a prophet.
They do not believe in family, as they prove by murdering Children daily, wonder if abortion clinics are open and murdering today, promoting same sex marriage which produces?? Not children thats for damn sure!!!
Freedom? They support, want, desire more Government in their lives, controlling, regulation and telling them what to do. Why else would they have reelected Buck Ofama?
Country? They hate America and desire one world UN controlled government so we can all be like Third World countries with no hope or change!!

They hate the thought of us having firearms to protect ourselves!! Ruining their opportunities to divde and share in the hard work and efforts of others!!
When 'assault weapons' saved Koreatown

Oh the children!! The horrors of those evil guns attacking them!!

What is all you could carry is a .22 lr. For whatever reason. Some countries dictate the .380 as the largest civilian handgun round. What if it was the .22 lr. Personally I do not want holes in my body of any size and a .22 can put holes in it…lots in fact…
Crazy effers. Doing crazy things…As a Paramedic I never ran into this, although we were in the line of fire once as some crazy effer stood in the middle of the street shooting at a dog that was chasing his lameass. As we pulled into the intersection I realized what was happening as we were behind the dog and he was shooting at US also! And this tool user, used a hammer to kill his grandmother!!!

Jesse Ventura, he owns Piers Morgan, Piers Morgan is an effing idiot….Needs to go home..Best line from Jesse: "I have a gun safe at home and I have never come home and heard those guns going off on their own. People kill people. How many people here die because of car accidents of drunk driving? DO we go to the Ford Motor Company and tell them to stop making these automobiles because people get drunk and kill people in cars?!"

Facts, LIEberals hate facts. Facts prove how wrong and stupid they really are!!

LIEberals attacking ‘objects’ not the problem. Is why they fail.

Now if the boyz would get up so we can open presents and have breakfast!! Cause I am hungry!!

Merry Christmas…


2 thoughts on “Gun Stuff…and Stuff…”

    1. Oh yes. We are having a blast! Right now we are driving Jak our dog nuts with the remote control helicopters none of us ‘kids’ can fly!!

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