Gun Stuff….And Grumblings…

Christmas is over, New Years approaches and America continues to divide. Buck Ofama does little of nothing to heal. But then he has been the major cause of divisiveness and continues to do do.

So one must make a choice and decide. What is yours?

Joe Biden, guns, Gun panel, anyone else sense this could be a fiasco?

Will it see anyone from the pro gun side?

Biden’s panel is expected to include input from the departments of Justice, Education, and Health and Human Services. It will include Cabinet members, congressmen, and various “stakeholders” — which means, Second Amendment advocates and gun rights groups insist, the conversation should include them.

People, law abiding people especially those that understand what the world is really about own guns. And are buying them and ammo because

It’s 2:00 a.m.  You are at home in your bed sound asleep.  Your wife is sleeping beside you, and your children are asleep in their rooms down the hall.

The muffled sound of a window breaking interrupts your slumber.  You’re groggy and you wonder if it was just a dream, so you lie there quietly and listen.  A few seconds later, you hear other sounds.  The window opens; a table beside the window makes a noise as it is jostled by an intruder; through your open door, you see reflections from a dim light that’s moving from side-to-side on the floor below.

Now what?
Pending ammo ban? Go comment to the BATFE about it…And your elected policticritters…
Well. I have been through a number of ‘layoff’ threats and have so far survived them. DO not feel much sympathy for Federal employees when you here how well they are paid and benefits and pensions paid for by the taxpayer dollar. So don’t expect much sympathy here especially with all the public sector unions clamoring and squealing all the time.
DO they do this to lawbreakers?  Nope. Never see a list of lawbreakers, ex-cons, convicted felons published after release from prison etc. But honest, law abiding
taxpaying citizens? Yep, privacy laws do not apply.
What happened to journalists impartiality? Honest reporting? Not managing news and events and not opinionating and editorializing?  Now they take sides..

When Sens. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Joe Manchin (D-WV), and certain Democrats in the House of Representatives, promise to push for more gun control in January 2013, they overlook four important words: “shall not be infringed

Is it any wonder Kalifornistan is BROKE!! 400,oo0 Illegals receiving unemployment and ‘other’ benefits…And what happens when they run out of money? Who pays then?
Okay enough….

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