Facebook Thursday…

Which means Friday is next!!

And which means a road trip to probably Ahlman’s Gunshop for reloading supplies…

Or maybe possibly Cabela’s as they have reloading supplies, not as good as Ahlman’s but they have better ammo prices..

Today to the office and may run over to Bill’s Gunshop to check things out..

Why? Because it is close…


YouVoted 100Years AlGore America AreYou AssaultStuff BeheadingOkay BigGun BoatGuns Bombfree BrainFree BuckOfamaDrugs CanNeverSay Change DearGod DeathPerDoctor DoctorsKill DontLet Evil fair FirstDuty Fluke Founded GirlsGuns GuardYourHeart Gun2 Gun GunBuilt GunHomeade HandsOff IgnoreTruth Killing LayDownYourLife maybeold Moderation movingup MythBusted Neverapproach nij-homicide-chart NotRights Outlaw PickOne PoliticiansStartWars RageIdiots RayGun Results SafeFamilyGun SoIneffective Stimulated SureYouCan Tacticool TakeAway Test Thankthemedia TheSheeple Throne tomuchbacon USrwy Warriors WhenSecondsCount


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