Gun Stuff, Weather Stuff and Monday Stuff……

The Weather outside is frightful…High of +6 and -8 on New Years Day but clear…

But Mongolia…Blizzards…Montreal 47 cms worth of snow…Russia having one cold winter, 120 dead and 16 plus feet of snow….Rochester NY gets snow, lots…..Global Warmening? Or winter weather?

My Opinion Buck Ofama? I don’t care what ‘public’ opinion is because your jackbooted media will manipulate and lie as will any of your bought and paid for ‘pollsters’. My opinion is you keep your damn hands off of my guns.  You won’t care what we say anyway. You have shown that throughout your reign.

Hands and feet kill more the the misnamed ‘assault’ weapons. Actually laying ones hands or feet on someone whom does not want you doing that, is ‘assault. Sure wish the libtarded media would get it straight.

Stylish Carry for the Well Dressed Man ...(H/T Linoage)


How to use a flashlight…Tactically..  (H/T Linoage)


the Ultimate Shotgun..for the apocalypse ya know!!

Obama gives up on controlling the border and abandons Americans living, next disarm them and well to bad huh, Buck Ofama?

Lets ban gun using an insurance scam!! Like Obamacare !!!  Because you know the bad guys would like up for insurance!!! Just like they avoid Gun Free Zones..

Novel gun control ideas continue to percolate through the commentariat. The latest idea is requiring liability insurance for gun owners, which seems to have first been suggested by John Wasik blogging at Forbes. Reihan Salam, one of my favorite thinkers, says it’s an idea seriously worth considering.

Drunks, Booze, Cars. Grandma dead. But no bans. No guns..

3 dead. Home-built plane. Ban them!!

California Authorities say a pilot from Phoenix, his wife and daughter were killed when a home-built airplane crashed in a San Diego County nature preserve. Sheriff's Lt. Scott Amos says the single-engine plane went down Saturday morning within Sycamore Canyon Open Space Preserve near Santee. Medical examiners said the dead included a 65-year-old man, his 53-year-old wife and their 19-year-old daughter. Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor says the four-seat Lancair IV-P had departed from San Diego's Montgomery Field en route to Deer Valley Airport in Phoenix.The FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating. The Lancair web site says the IV-P is one of a series of aircraft kits that are no longer in production.

Multiple theater shooters? Something to think about…

Food Prices goosing up in the USA and UK…oh happy New Year..

NRA or Obama? Apparently NRA’s rating is a bit better….Not surprised!!

Obama wants gun control .



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