Pieces of Brass

Pieces of  lead (125 grn) encased in copper..

Small primer in Brass..

Loose Nitrous Cellulose Powder..

All pressed together..

In .357

I have all day and hundreds of components, a computer with Crackle…

I am happy….




3 thoughts on “Pieces of Brass”

  1. Is there any special reason you prefer 125gr. over a heavier bullet? I started shooting 158gr. bullets and never tried anything else, I did recently make a good buy on some 125gr. Remington semi jacketed HP’s which so far have been languishing under the reloading bench awaiting proper inspiration.
    My powder preferences have been dictated by the heavier bullets, H110, IMR4227, and 2400 because I also shoot 44mag. The lighter bullets may require some snappier burn rates, any thoughts?

    1. This is a lighter bullet I wanted to try. I use Bullseye powder and am just experimenting as I normally use 158 grn bullets in my 357 loads.

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