UPDATE: Xubuntu being installed on TC1000 now…Whilst wandering about…found this!!!  An ALl-in-One Ubuntu box??? Slick..

So I am playing with Linux, an old laptop (Compaq tc1000 tablet) and have Ubuntu on it…am searching for something a bit slicker and faster…Ubuntu runs fine on the desktop, but seems a bit (like damn slow!) laggardly on this old tablet….

Did venture out to fill bird feeders…and see I have 5 plump squirrels enjoying right now….Hmmm…new pellet one around…Squirrel Stew??

Do have to take the Jak for a walk…may have to dig the long johns out for that!!


2 thoughts on “Cold..”

  1. System76 does make some really fine Ubuntu kits. You should also check out ZaReason (another Linux computer dealer) as well. Both have good bits of hardware to drool over.

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