Facebook News Years Day…

Happy New Years!!!
Is a bit cold here today… -13 when I initially got up..now at -12.. -26 with wind chill

So I tossed together a stew for later today…#1Son loves his stews and goes over well for everybody around here..Not my recipe. But I have been known to alter them and add zing occasionally…



TrueLeaders US-SHOOTING-GUNS-BUYBACK 2012 AssaultWeapons Bang BigDogs Defective Democrats Dipwads Failure Foreign ForWeerd Givesthem GoodandEvil Guitar GunTurnIn HenryFord HowDOStarsDie IfIDidNothing InBeginning Invalid IoweYou LibLogic Mistake ObamahelpDemHouse Ouch Patton Platform PleaseBless Pledge PriceOfApathy ProChoiceUnless ProudToBe Push Rathermeet SqueakyToys SupportEconomy TheCliff TheMoment thennow



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