Gun Stuff and New Year’s Day Commentary……

Deep in the Obamacare Mandate, you know the “Bill we must pass before we can read the monstrosity” is a bit about the 2nd Amendment the NRA pushed in there and is now causing the Progressive’s angst and dismay...Under the headline, “Protection of Second Amendment Gun Rights,” was a brief provision restricting the ability of doctors to gather data about their patients’ gun use.

You’ve been drafted…best make sure you read this one…

I will continue to speak out, contact my elected Politicians and the appointed riff raff we have in Government..I will continue to stand against Tyranny…

GUNS SALES UP!! Deaths down??? Injuries down?? How can this be……??

1 million permit holders in Florida…and they are all going to give them up when the Government says to…I bet…

Racist origins of gun control…and the FAILED war on drugs..

Piers Morgan: If America Doesn’t Change ‘Crazy Gun Laws’ I’ll ‘Deport Myself’…And this would be a problem because????

Russia’s Pravda: ‘Americans, Never Give Up Your Guns!’ ….Well from Russia, with love it appears…Trust me on this. I won’t!

Buck Ofama Promises to Put His ‘Full Weight’ Behind New ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban....Like he does everything else? Well except campaign, cheat and lie…

AWB? Didn’t work the first go around. Won’t work now…

Don’t, won’t, not giving up my guns…

When the paper, The Journal News, published its first round of names, gun owners retaliated by publishing the names, addresses, and phone numbers of newspaper personnel. This information is considered public and can be found in any courthouse in America.

Reporters for The Journal News, however, complained that publishing their information is a danger to their families and children. Gun owners expressed incredulity concerning the complaint, given that reporters did not consider nor care about the fact that the gun owners whose names and addresses the paper published also have children.

Lincoln Moment? Wow….Buck Ofama has had not moments worthy of consideration. I had never heard of this “David Gregory” so called journalist until the last blunder he pulled…Now twice. What is it? I am a journalist and will say anything to get myself noticed…Lotta narcissist out there these days…With Buck Ofama leading the way?

Questions for gun control zealots…


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